Friday, July 29, 2011

Have you tried special siopao? Bola-bola or Asado

There are basically 2 types of siopao, a food locally made, distributed, sold and eaten here in the Philippines. One type I really loved is the Asado flavor while the other one is called Bola-Bola simply because of the rounded meat balls you can find inside the siopao mixed with syroupy sauce when you take a bite.

Now, my question is, have you ever tried eating siopao at all in your life? If not, you can start trying by buying one available in many Chinese restaurants as well as the popular food chain, Chowking restaurant.

Siopao ni Hyubi is by the way a food and restaurant blog in the Philippines catering to discuss about local Philippine / Pinoy delicacies both in the urban and rural areas.

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