Thursday, August 11, 2011

10th Filipino Franchise Show 2011 World Trade Center

10th Filipino Franchise Show 2011
This is yet another leap in the Philippines franchising industry for Pinoys looking to enter into the franchise business as an investment capital. Here is a good news to all of you out there who are into the industry, The 10th Filipino Franchise Show will take place on July 21 – 24, 2011 at the World Trade Center Manila, Philippines. World Trade Center is located near the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

If you are somebody new to franchising and you are interested to know more about this business or if you are looking to own your very own business but you don’t know how or where to start? This is a perfect venue for you.

The Association of Filipino Franchisers Inc, an authority organization in the field of franchising in the Philippines might be able to help you via this event. Here is where you will learn the basics of owning a franchise as well as you can get a chance to see what franchise options might fit your type of a business investor.

The 10th Filipino Franchise Show will be up for four days so you have enough time to visit and schedule your day's events. It will be a bit bigger apart from the fact that in the previous same event, there are only 3 days. This time, you have 4 days to choose from if you want to see the exhibit.

There will also be two exhibit halls for the purpose of accommodating more franchisers. Get to take a peek at new and proven sellers for more brands unlike in the previous for your choices on food, retail and service franchising choices.

More information regarding this event is available at the official website here - Alternately, you may call the AFFI secretariat at 0917-5182334 to ask for more information and details.

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