Saturday, July 21, 2012

Master Siomai, Siomai House and Emperor Siomai Foodcart Franchise choices and comparison

Master Siomai Franchise

Let's talk about siomai foodcart franchise today and I wanted to be a bit different by giving you tips and tricks on where to apply or what specific brand you can choose from.

First off, a foodcart franchise is probably one of the best cost-effective business ideas I could come up with, living in the Philippines so I wanted to make it a point to provide available franchise which may only be had in my country.

Now what are the different brands you can choose from when it comes to siomai franchising business? First, there is master siomai, the second one I found while search online using my PLDT DSL internet is siomai house but this one seems not available and they do not have their own website with which potential franchisee can apply for. The last however is Emperor Siomai.

Emperor Siomai
Now with respect to the commonly or frequently asked question "how much does a siomai foodcart franchise cost?" thingy, here are the details I was able to gather online.

Master Siomai Franchise Cost - Php 280,000.00 all in
Siomai House Franchise Cost - Php 250, 000.00 but they currently stopped franchise offers
Emperor Siomai Franchise Cost - Php 26,888.00 with inclusions such as trainings for crew and owner, basic cooking utensils, cart and more.

With this price revealed, what then will you choose or prefer getting a franchise from for your initial business venture? Of course, the cheapest is always the best especially if you just want to make a trial for your set up. Subscribe to me here at Siopao Franchise blog for more updates and information like this one.

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